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 Private Acting Coaching 

When you can't see the forest for the trees,

Georgia Warner has a birds-eye view. 

All actors have one thing in common: they are fabulous at getting in their own way. 


Too often, the disconnect felt between the actor and the character is not a result of having done too little work, but of having done too much of the wrong kind. 

Let's say you want to throw a housewarming party. Hosting a party can take work!

Now, think of how much more work it would be to host that party if you had to actually build the house around you while you throw your party; with a cosmo in one hand, and a power-drill in the other. 

Georgia's philosophy on acting is simple: 

Build your house first. 

When we solidify our circumstances (where are, how we got there, who we're talking to or about), understand our relationship to them, and know what we want and don't want — all of which are true of any given moment in real life — then we have the freedom to make discoveries and choices based on our point of view — just as we do at any given moment in real life. 

Here's what we don't do in real life:

  • plan our feelings

  • anticipate others' reactions

  • do or say something just to do or say it

  • act sad when we don't want people knowing we're sad

  • act scared when we don't want people knowing we're scared

  • act. 

Whether you're working on a comedy, drama, scene, song, monologue, grad school audition, or final callback, Georgia will help you build your house before you have your party.


It's more fun that way!

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