The Seasoned Actor Workshop 

We Create, and Elevate.

The Seasoned Actor Workshop is a recurring acting & audition intensive, designed to elevate the actors' work and streamline their preparation process. Convening once weekly for a four-week period, Georgia leads groups of 6-8 actors, helping them to work smarter, not harder, by tapping into their own unique sensibilities to ensure present and powerful auditions. TSAW focuses on both the crafting and business side of acting.


For the first class only, each actor must select and prepare their own material! The creative discoveries each actor makes in class one help to inform the mock-audition material assigned for class two, and so on; however, actors may always opt to use class time to prepare material for any actual upcoming auditions. 


Assigned material consists of comedic and dramatic scenes from plays, films, and TV shows, as well as monologues, songs, and any other material that's requested and/or beneficial. In any two-person scenes, actors will act as off-screen readers for each other. Each actor will have the opportunity to work in any and all performance mediums throughout the course, and all on-camera work will be filmed and shared with the class, for educational purposes. 


Those with significant acting experience and training are encouraged to enroll in the Advanced group, while those who are newer to the biz and have had less formal acting training are encouraged to enroll in the Beginner group. Any student who has completed one 4-week segment is welcome to re-enroll in another, as each workshop is as unique as the actors involved. For this reason, many students opt to take TSAW more than once, forming a growing alliance of supportive and talented TSAW alumni. 

While a "seasoned actor" typically refers to one with ample experience, The Seasoned Actor Workshop gets its name from a comparison made between Georgia's coaching, and a chef's cooking: guided by intuition, exploration, precision, and a refined sense of taste, she detects the missing ingredients, and seasons accordingly.