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“I have worked with Georgia Warner on many of my auditions over the years. She’s the best around. Her work ethic is perhaps only paralleled by her singularly amazing eye. In addition to all of her other great qualities, what really sets Georgia apart is her vocabulary; a true actor’s vocabulary. Georgia unlocks endless possibilities in an actor. She reminds you just how many tools you already have in your toolbox and how to get the most mileage out of them. Georgia is able to simultaneously solidify your technical proficiency and scene story structure, whilst also cultivating your most instinctive visceral reactions.”

Work one-on-one with Georgia Warner to craft consistently present and powerful auditions, or stay in creative shape with private acting lessons on a recurring basis.

There's much to be gained from observation. Join The Seasoned Actor Workshop for beginner or advanced actors to get personalized coaching in a group environment. Actors tackle audition material carefully chosen to fit their unique goals while exploring the craft and business of acting in this four-week intensive.

Should I use props in my self-tapes?

When's the right time to get an agent?

What's happening to show business?!

Find answers to all your questions in these virtual seminars, where we discuss how to keep up with our rapidly changing industry. 

about Georgia Warner:


Georgia Warner has worked professionally in the entertainment industry for nearly twenty years, the last several of which have been spent solidifying her reputation as a reliable and respected acting coach.  Her clients have ranged from teens to septuagenarians, from just-starting-out to series regulars, and everything in between.  Many of the auditions she's coached have resulted in clients booking lead and supporting roles in Broadway and regional theatre, hit TV shows, feature films, and national commercials. 

   Throughout her own acting career, Georgia has worked on Broadway, off-Broadway, and in dozens of distinguished regional theatre productions, including playing Jill Mason in the acclaimed Guild Hall production of Equus (starring Alec Baldwin), and originating the role of Lane in the world premiere of Lyle Kessler's House on Fire.  She's been featured on a variety of TV shows, including guest starring on Blue Bloods and Law & Order: SVU (both rites of passage for New York actors), and in myriad films, commercials, web series, music videos, video games, live and

recorded comedy sketches, and more readings and workshops than she can count.  She's had the great privilege of being directed by industry titans such as David Hyde Pierce, Eric Stoltz, Jack O’Brien, and Harris Yulin, and worked alongside such prominent actors as Annette Bening, James Franco, Elisabeth Moss, Mercedes Ruehl, Tracy Letts, and many more.

   In addition to her acting and coaching careers, Georgia has directed several productions locally and internationally, and has been a director of new works with Stony Brook's annual Young Artists and Writers Project (YAWP) for four years and counting.  Her on-camera directing work includes five episodes of the comedic web series Two Mara, a hit music video for viral sensation Mikey Shyne, and multiple short films and comedy sketches.  She's also produced both short and feature length independent films, and worked as a freelance casting director for film and theatre. 

   Still, her greatest joy is helping actors tap into their full creative potential.  With her sharp eye and the gift of the gab, Georgia ensures that each actor's work is authentic, engaging, and always in service of the story being told.  Upon determining each client’s specific strengths and weaknesses, Georgia tailors her approach accordingly to the work at hand, employing only those tools which are useful, and helping actors do away with those which so often impede creative discoveries.  Her extensive acting training has included Meisner and Adler Techniques, Stanislavski’s System, Strasberg’s Method, and Michael Checkov’s Psycho-Physical Actions, and she frequently encourages actors to use the technique of “Oppositional Listening”—a tried and true method of her own invention. 

   On top of her formal studies, Georgia had the gift of growing up in showbiz world—(her mother worked in casting; her father was a sound designer; her grandmother was a writer of plays and screenplays; her grandfather is an Oscar, Emmy, and multiple Tony-winning designer and director; her great-grandfather produced The Wizard of Oz among others; her great-great-grandfather was the eldest Warner Brother)—which provided it's own type of education, allowing her opportunities to learn first-hand from greats such as Mike Nichols, Sidney Lumet, and Jerry Zaks, all of which have lent to Georgia's unique perspective and approach to the craft and business of acting. 

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